May 9, 2019

Mother's Day & the Line Drafter

If you're new to Sure-Fit Designs and haven't yet acquired our newest essential drawing tool, now is the perfect time. Whether you're a mother or not, it's time for all you crafters, quilters and sewists to enjoy the latest essential tool - the Line Drafter - from Sure-Fit Designs. And specifically for this Mother's Day weekend, when purchasing the Line Drafter, you'll also receive a roll of the indispensable Removable Tape.

For a limited time, with each Line Drafter purchase, you'll receive a roll of Removable Tape totally FREE. This tape is truly the BEST tape for taping your vellum and master patterns. It won't rip the paper or remove the surface.

Whether you are a crafter, quilter or garment seamstress, you'll love this latest essential tool...the Line Drafter. An attached handle gives you a great grip making for easy maneuverability, ensuring a steady edge for drafting or cutting the lines you need. Get a good grip, it never will release (like suction cup handles often do). Precision and accuracy with every line.

The Line Drafter ensures success with every project on vertical or horizontal surfaces! Plus it's see-through.

Special Offer good through May 10, 11 & 12, 2019.
Save with this special...
Regularly $ $39.95
(no Discount Code required)

You can get your Line Drafter with Removable Tape HERE.

You'll love the Line Drafter...You'll love the Removable Tape!


1. 24" x 6" (61x15cm) - great for long grainline markings

2. 1/8" thick clear plastic - see-through, rigid & stable for easy maneuvering


1. 5/8" (1.6cm) seam allowance
2. 1/2" (1.3cm) seam allowance
3. 3/8" (1.0cm) seam allowance
4. 45 degree angle lines
5. 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" & 1" grid lines

The Handle:

The Line Drafter features the permanently attached handle making maneuverability fast and easy on vertical or horizontal surfaces! The ideal handle depth is suitable for all hand sizes.

Tape & Line definitely a winning combination!
You can get your Line Drafter with Removable Tape HERE.

Happy Drafting & Cutting!
Glenda the Good Stitch

Apr 30, 2019

Accounts and Login Requirements for the Sure-Fit Designs Websites

We seem to be getting quite a few questions regarding the logins required on our different sites, so let's try and make this crystal clear..... We have three sites. 
1. The main one is

This is where you can purchase our products. You need to register for an account there in order to purchase anything. Why should you register? Well, for starters, checkout is much faster. You can also access your order history for tracking or reordering items such as vellum. With an account, you can choose to have your login details saved, so you won't have to type them in each time. 

2. The next site is where you can download streaming versions of our videos, Sew Alongs and Courses. It's located at

It also requires a login, but it this is a separate login from the main Sure-Fit Designs page. They are two different software platforms and each requires a login. Registration must take place at each site independently. 

3. We have one more site, which does not require an account. 

It's our free resource center full of videos and articles to help you with your fitting, designing and sewing. 
For the free article library click here
For the free video library click here

We hope you take the time to check out all three of our web sites and register at both and

I hope this helps to clear up any confusion. Happy Fitting and Sewing! 

Glenda the Good Stitch!

Apr 23, 2019

A Sign of Times 1950’s

Anna Espindola has been contributing with articles on trends in fashion and how fashion has been influenced through history. Here is her installment on the 1950's. Thanks again, Anna for these wonderful articles!

1950's style clothing is timeless. Cool cats and hipsters made the 1950's decade iconic for the youthful freedoms and fun sense of style. Fifties fashion goes beyond poodle skirts and saddle shoes and teenagers were not the only ones setting clothing trends. 1950's housewives played a role in defining the ultra-feminine style we love to wear today.

I am really in love with all these vintage dresses; I hope this article will spark joy in you to make some amazing outfits.

Here is a cool video of the 50’s:

And, of course, I also have a little summary:



White Picket Fences
Return to old standards
Improved quality of family life


Baby boom
Women back in traditional roles


Income rising
More imports Movie Industry expands, goes public


Improved public transportation
Improved communications: TV popular
Development of more synthetic fabrics and finishes
Diner’s Club, first modern-day credit card
TV Dinners


Move to suburbs
Buy new homes, appliances, furnishings
Increased leisure time for sports & recreation
The station wagon culture
Emergence of “Good” Girl vs. “Bad” Girl


Leave it to Beaver
Birth of Rock ‘n’ roll
Rebel Without a Cause


Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley


Christian Dior
Balmain Balenciaga


Influence of Dior’s New Look continues
Feminine shape, vanishing waist, conical breasts
Girdles and bullet bras
Sweater sets, full skirts
Ivy League looks
Emerging rebel look: jeans, white t-shirts, leather for guys; slim fitted dresses and capri pants for gals

Apr 15, 2019

Sewing Around the World with Sure-Fit Designs

Week-long Event - Sewing Around the World with Sure-Fit Designs  

Hats off to our International Distributors...they provide you with valuable support and information that leads to your sewing and fitting success.  We are celebrating by offering you specials unique to each dealer. 

 All of you, our valued customers, are so fortunate to have a SFD distributor in your region of the world. In celebration, each dealer is offering their own unique special for this week-long April event - April 13 through 19, 2019. Please click on their link below to take advantage of their particular offer.  

Elsabe (South Africa) -
Receive a FREE 
 Designer's Companion
 - great for drawing mini curves 
 (value R160.00) when you purchase any of the following SFD Combos:
Dress Kit Combo,
Pants Kit Combo,
or Shirt Kit Combo.

Judith's (UK/EU/Ireland)                       
'Rollbe' - great for measuring all 
curves - is now 10% off with the 
purchase of any Kit, Combo or DVD.
Use Discount Code 'Rollbe10' at checkout.
Click Here

Anna (Canada) -
Have you been longing to purchase a Sure-Fit Designs pattern Kit & Designing Stylus? Now is your opportunity.  With the purchase of any SFD Kit and Designing Stylus, you'll receive a 25% discount on the Designing Stylus (saving $5.90). Offer excludes already discounted Combos.
Use Discount Code 'SF25' at checkout.
Click Here

Martha (Australia/NZ) Essential Notions - Martha has gathered together essential notions as a FREE gift with the purchase of any Kit or Combo.Click Here
Use Discount Code 'FREESNGK' at checkout.
Included notions ($11.40 value):
1 Point Turner
1 Stabilizer cotton tape 6mm
1 Sewing Gauge
1 HB pencil

Free 10yd Vellum in the USA
Glenda, in the USA, is offering a totally FREE roll of 10yd Vellum ($13.95 value) with your purchase of any Regular Kit Combo, 3-Kit, Works or Works Combo PLUS.
Use Coupon Code 'TV10' at checkout.
Click Here 

Closed Captions & Language Translations
We're doing our best to share the Sure-Fit Designs system with everyone around the world, no matter your language. Now, many of our free educational videos have Closed Captions (in English for the hard of hearing) and these captions can be easily converted into your native language. The following video describes how to use the YouTube software to hear our lessons in your language.
Click Here to watch.

International distribution in your area?
If your country isn't already represented, would you like to be a Sure-Fit Designs distributor in your region?
If you are interested, contact Glenda (USA) at  Please include your name, country, sewing history, business experience and contact information.

We welcome customers from all over the world. We hope you enjoy sewing with the Sure-Fit Designs Fitting and Sewing System!

Glenda the Good Stitch!