Apr 24, 2013

Fit & Sew Retreat - April '13 Highlights

Attendees came from far and wide - AZ, FL, NV, NY, GA, CA & IL.  It truly was wonderful to meet everyone and help them with their fit issues.
We dealt with sloping and asymmetrical shoulders, rounded and broad backs, forward-thrusted neck/head, flat backsides and short and tall.  This was quite a mix of body shapes and sizes!

The sewing studio - Our Sewing Room in Springfield OR - is a great venue for this retreat.  It comes fully equipped.  You simply need to show up!

Here are some 'action' shots you might enjoy seeing.

If you'd like to read a totally independent (and I might add - very thorough review) of Sandra's thoughts and experiences with the Fit & Sew Retreat, just jump on over to her blog - Click Here - Sandra - making it with help.

Here are a few comments from others who attended.
' Thank you again so much for such a wonderful week. I learned so much and had such a great time with you and the other ladies. I appreciate all of your help and endless efforts to ensure I left with slopers that fit me. You are a gracious and encouraging teacher.  I  also look forward to sharing with all my sewing buddies the many things I learned last week. Again, many thanks for your patience with me and my fitting issues.'
Kay W. - GA

'Glenda, you are an excellent teacher and extremely well spoken. Your classes are the best fitting classes I have ever taken and I can recommend them without reservation.  Your professionalism, expertise and courtesy create the perfect learning environment.'
Kathy - FL

'Glenda, your mix of general class instruction combined with personal one-on-one help was perfect for this venue.'
Linda - CA
'I was so happy with the class.  It was so great to meet the other ladies and work with them.  Learning with you was absolutely fabulous - you are such a patient lady (I know we can be trying with our ways of thinking sometimes). I also enjoyed watching you help other people as it was more learning about different body types which is a plus for me.'
Vicki - NV

These next few photos are 'work(s) in progress'.  If you've ever tired to photograph muslin that has been 'worked over', you'll know that the wrinkles are not fit issues.  Any number of things like stitch ripples, body stance, lighting and a myriad of other factors come in to play.  These are quick snapshots of real body life.  Everyone that attended was extremely happy with the resulting fit of both their pants and bodice.
These ladies were all very generous in allowing themselves to be photographed.  Thanks so much to all of you.


  1. I am SO GLAD you found women who would let you photograph them. Sounds like everyone had a great time and perfect fit!

    Hugs, Joy

  2. I had really lovely ladies attend this fitting class. And yes, I'm very fortunate that they were all amenable to letting me photograph them during the various stages of fitting their patterns.