Nov 19, 2013

My Pathetic Posture!

Too many hours at the computer! And too few at my sewing machine though the result would still be the same!  I think my posture is getting worse by the day.

I started to become aware of this when I began noticing the 'odd' drag line from my neck point to my shoulder bone.  That entire ball of the shoulder seems to be coming forward as evidenced in this photo.

When I stand straighter, that nasty drag line disappears...but who remembers to stand straighter all the time.

So I drafted a new pattern with a shoulder seam tune-up.  I took my bodice blueprint, moved the front shoulder point forward 1/2" (truing to the original neck point) and then the back shoulder point also was rotated forward.  Here is the result, which I'm happy with.

I didn't sew a muslin test because I knew this is what I needed, but if you're unsure, definitely sew a test muslin.

Also, I designed in a simple princess line going up into the shoulder seam and used the 3-thread cover stitch on my new BabyLock Evolution serger to apply the decorative stitching.

Here's a full photo of the blouse.

And this is a short video showing you how to rotate the shoulder forward.

Now, I'm doing exercises to hold my shoulders back where they belong but oops...I'm slumping again.  Oh well...the effort is being made!


  1. Glenda, you are right too much computer time is not good for us. That blouse looks great - nice colours - I will need these tune ups for my shoulders too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I've noticed that after a few weeks of gym-strengthening exercises and stretches that I'm more aware during daily activities. It also simply feels better overall to stand straighter.

  3. This shirt fits you beautifully with the adjustments ~ and I love your fabric choice ... J

  4. Beautiful fit. Oh, my, our body changes over time, whether due to age or habit. We all look so much better standing up nice and straight. I find exercise definitely helps keep my spine straight. You look wondeful in your new top.

  5. The fabric was from my stash - from years ago. I picked it up in Australia during one of our many seminar trips. It was definitely time to use it.

  6. Video doesn't come up on my Ipad. Will watch it later. I think a lot of us have this problem.
    Hugs, Joy

  7. I would guess that many of our videos don't open up on Ipads and Smart phones. Maybe there is some kind of a setting I need to add or change.

  8. you are so right- that forward thrust shoulder seems to happen to all of us with passage of time and too much time spent hunched over computers ( and sewing machines!)
    Thanks for sharing how to fix it in our garments. You mentioned you'd been doing exercises to improve your posture- I'd love it if you would share what they are.
    I am so enjoying your blog, and about to place my order for the pants kit

  9. Hi Caroline, The exercises I do are very simple. Make snow angels on the wall - keep elbows bent and arms as flat as possible to the wall. Crisscross rubber tubing (hang it around a stationary object), then using your arms, stretch it in opposite directions with your arms, which pulls the shoulder blades together. (I hope I described this clear enough). I also stand in a doorway and hold on to the door frame - both arms bent at the elbow - then gently stretch forward which pulls the shoulders back. I love this stretch...makes me feel an inch taller when I'm done.

  10. You are most welcome. I'm glad this was of benefit. Kindly, Glenda