Mar 18, 2014

Knit Tip - Where's the back of my pants??

Have you ever put your pants on backward and wondered why they felt so uncomfortable? I think we all have. When you sew them (knit pull-on pants), it's often difficult to distinguish front from back unless you stop to compare the crotch lengths.

This is a simple, decorative technique to help you quickly identify center back of your pants waistband.

Make sure waistband piece is cut the size that you need: 2 times the width of elastic plus seam allowances.
With short ends together, sew waistband in a circle creating the CB seam. Fold lengthwise with the seam to the inside and press a lengthwise crease indicating the top edge of the waistband.
Designate one side for the inside of the back of the pants. Stabilize the area to be stitched with tear-away stabilizer or iron on interfacing.

With waistband unfolded, stitch over the seam using a decorative stitch pattern in contrasting color.

Here's a short video talking about this simple knit tip.



  1. Smart idea! Thanks for sharing ~ will definitely be doing this ... J

  2. You're most welcome! We always learn from one another.