May 27, 2014

Hearts & Diamonds

I call them 'hearts' and 'diamonds' - some call them 'apples' and 'pears'.  In case you didn't guess, I'm referring to hip shapes of course.  And you could be a combination of both.  What I mean by this is that the hip circumference, either high or low, or maybe even both, are substantially larger than a relatively smaller waist circumference. 

Take for instance a waist of 34" (86 cm), a high hip of 45" (114 cm), and a low hip of 51" (129.5 cm).  In my book, that's a diamond shaped hip, with the fullness of a heart in the high hip.  And the depth of the high hip is 4" (10 cm) below the waist level.  That means if you want your pants waistband to fit comfortably without being excessively loose, you'll most likely need more than one dart to shape the fabric from the waist to the high hip.

So that the side seam of the pants pattern doesn't become too overly curved going into your waist point, I've recently released a new video called 'How to Add a Dart to the Pants Waist Edge'.

It's a very simple process, and if Blogger cooperates, you should be able to click on the video below and watch this short instructional video.

If the side seam gets too curvy, it still can be sewn together successfully, but inserting a side seam zipper would not be as easy as if the seam where straighter.

The second dart is generally place about mid-way between the first dart and the side seam, and it's generally shorter.  Of course this is variable and it can be placed where you most need it to accommodate your curves.

This process is easy to do and works quite well for the distinctive curvatures that many hearts and diamonds have.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!

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