Dec 30, 2014

Think Beyond Size

Do you realize how irrelevant the term 'size' is when it comes to women's clothing?  In one store you might wear a 'size 8' and in the next store you might need a 'size 12'.  It all depends on the manufacturer and and the standards that they use for the expression of their clothing.  And if you have to choose the larger 'size', psychologically this could have a negative impact because you've had to choose the larger size.

It's a very provocative question isn't it when someone asks 'What size are you?'  This can mean many different things to different people.  So chuck those labels out the door and just be who you are!

Isn't it great that with the Sure-Fit Designs fitting system, size is totally a non-issue.  I've had many ladies email to tell me how wonderful it is to finally be liberated from even thinking about what size they might be.

Think 'measurement' not 'size'!  Many of you know that the Sure-Fit Designs master patterns offer measurement ranging from 28" (71 cm) to 62" (157.5 cm).  I know that in this photo you can't see all the measurement dots, but in every strategic location, there are a series of dots with the measurement numbers (both in imperial and metric) beside the dot.  All you do is mark in your unique measurement dots, then connect your dots together with the SFD Designing Stylus.  It's a great tool to use for drawing your personalized body blueprint with all the SFD master patterns.
Women have such unique shapes and Sure-Fit Designs provides such a great alternative to achieving the absolutely best fit for your body the way it is now.  Enjoy being who you are and the way you are right now.  Sewing well-fitting garments can only enhance how feel about yourself.  When your clothing simply feel better.  Enjoy this new-found freedom.

If you're new to Sure-Fit Designs and this blog, I'd encourage you to click on over to the SFD Learning Center Video Library to see the actual process of how to blueprint your body shape.

So as we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome in 2015 let's simply say 'adios' to all those stigmatizing labels and just be who we are.

Happy New Year,

Glenda...the Good Stitch!
(PS) Color blocking is coming!


  1. Thanks Glenda, wishing you and your team a wonderful 2015. I finally have a block that suits my daughter perfectly. Have just finished making her a formal dress - my own design using your system. Thank you so much!! Evelyne from Melbourne, Australia.

    1. Hi Evelyne, Your are most welcome. I'm so glad it's working out for you. I'd love to see the formal dress you've designed. I'm sure it's lovely. Please send a photo if you feel comfortable doing that. I wish we had some of your Melbourne heat right's cold outside!

  2. Your raglan top is really adorable! I just downloaded the raglan sleeve leaflet!! Happy 2015!!!

    1. Hi Jamie, Thanks so much. Actually, it wasn't the raglan per se, but rather a color-blocked variation of a T-Shirt. Make sure to read your SFD newsletter tomorrow, as you will receive 2015 inspiration gifts for the T-Shirt process and the Color Blocking Leaflet. It's free to my subscribers until Jan. 12. Happy New Year...
      Glenda...the Good Stitch

  3. Amen ** 10. LOL Apart from variability of sizing from one manufacturer to the next, the answer to "What size are you?" varies depending on which part of my anatomy is in question. ;-P~ Happy New Year!

  4. Thank you, Glenda, for the T-Shirt Tactics and the T-Shirt Color Blocking --how generous of you! Love that they are "Made in a Day", which means I might have time to do them (it has been crazy busy here). Happy 2015!