Oct 27, 2015

** News Flash - Shirt Fitting Course on DVD

It's been a couple of months in the making, but it's finally ready to unveil.  This new Shirt Fitting Course on DVD completes the SFD instructional DVD fitting courses.  As so many of you know, we introduced the new Shirt Kit in early 2015.  Now there's complete and detailed pattern drawing, sewing and fitting instructions to go along with it - all on this new 2-DVD set.
This short video gives you highlights of what's in the course and what you can expect.

This 2-DVD set contains 3.5 hrs of detailed instruction with great close-ups.  I know you'll benefit greatly by following along as I take you through the entire process of drawing your SFD Shirt pattern.  Of course, I show you complete sewing construction steps, fit evaluation and minor tune-ups if you need them, how to add a dart and how to add piping.  You can see this DVD set is packed full.  For those of you reading this blog who don't yet have the SFD Shirt Kit, you will need that along with the Designing Stylus and some Tracing Vellum.

As an opening special, we're offering a 20% discount for this DVD set.  But if you want to add either the Shirt Kit or the designing book Sew Sensational Shirts, you'll receive a 25% discount.  The choice is yours!

These introductory specials will run through Monday November 2, 2015.  When you place your order in the Shopping Cart, simply enter in either Discount Code - SFC20 (for the DVD only) or SFC25 (for one of the product combinations).
By the way, this new DVD also comes with  20-page downloadable Instructional Materials.
You get complete written instructions for the process of adding a Continuous Lap Sleeve Placket, and 2 new Fashion Leaflets: the Camp Shirt and Women's Cargo Jacket.  I hope you enjoy designing and wearing both.  They're both casual yet smart and of course, all from your SFD Shirt Kit!

To get the introductory special pricing on this new DVD course, just click here - SFD Shirt Fitting Course on DVD.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I reasently buy the dress kit, wich I love it. I was expecting mi gift "the designing stylus", which it was not in my first order.