Jul 26, 2016

Sew Excited! SFD Representatives in South Africa & the UK!

We are sew excited to announce to you that we now have Representatives/Distributors in both South Africa and in the United Kingdom.

Drum roll.....
Let me introduce you to Elsabe Hurn in South Africa.
She is a local Bernina dealer in the Johannesburg (Edenvale) area and is now stocking Sure-Fit Designs Kits, tools & DVDs.
You'll find her at:

Ph# 011 453 3117
Email:   info@surefitdesigns.co.za Website: http://www.surefitdesigns.co.za/ 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/surefitdesignssa

This is Elsabe while here in Eugene OR during her SFD training and while participating in a Fit & Sew Retreat.

Drum roll...
And due to much demand, we now have a Representative/Distributor in the United Kingdom & Ireland.
Let me introduce you to Judith Johnson.

You can reach her at:
Ph# 07562 140245
Email: info@surefitdesigns.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SureFitDesignsUK
Website: http://www.surefitdesigns.co.uk

Many of you may already know of Jude, as she is an active member of the Sure-Fit Designs Facebook group and has been sewing with the SFD kits for about 1 year.  She attended the June Fit & Sew Retreat as a student as the photos below show.  She'll be returning in August for her training as a Sure-Fit Designs Representative.

SFD Fitting Kits/Products
Local Support
And...put the fun back into garment sewing!

Both representatives are carrying all the Sure-Fit Designs Kits, tools and DVD's, and when Jude's training is complete (August 2016) they will be authorized to give SFD presentations as well as hands-on workshops and classes.  Put a little excitement in your sewing group - contact either directly for details.

Congratulations ladies and thanks so much for 'spreading the SFD word' in your geographical locations.  We are delighted to have you onboard!

Happy Fitting!


  1. That's great news. Now we need a representative in Australia. We had one about 30 odd years ago. Please Glenda can we have one here again PLEASE.

    1. Thank you. This possibility always exists. Whoever it would be has to have the right mix of talent, skills and resources, but it's definitely a possibility. We would be receptive.

  2. Thats so exciting!!!! Really appreciate having someone in the UK, thank you!