May 30, 2017

Princess Seam in Pant Legs and

Do you ever get baggies under your backside?  This often resisted design feature can be a tremendous benefit when getting pants to fit beautifully under your buttocks.  This is such a functional addition to your pants that it is definitely worthwhile repeating the information on how to add the Princess Line to either the Back or Front pant leg.

Let's take a look:

Step 1 - Extend the grainline through to the waist edge and hem level.
Step 2 - Draw/move the dart so that it now straddles either side of the extended grainline.  Curve the dart tip slightly.
Step 3 - Draw new grainlines on the Side Back and Center Back section equidistant from the original grainline.
Step 4 - Draw double matching notches at the top and bottom to help aid in sewing the 2 pant leg sections together.
           **Label each pattern section as Side Back and Center Back.

Step 5 - Cut the two sections apart.  Add a strip of tracing vellum so that you can add the appropriate 5/8" (1.6cm) seam allowance to each cut edge.  Extend the matching notches onto the seam allowance.
Step 6 - Curve and shape the princess line seam to shape the fabric under your backside.  This curved stitching line can be more or less curvy to best conform the fabric to the shape of your body.

Here's a video showing how to add the princess seam to the front of the pants leg, but no matter whether you insert it into the front or back pants leg, the process is the exact same.  (This video most likely will not show up in your email software - if that is where you are reading this blog.  You will need to watch it in either your tablet or computer).

  See the great fit in the back of these cropped leg pants.

Happy Fitting!
Glenda...the Good Stitch

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