Jul 11, 2017

SFD June Fit & Sew Retreat

Happy ladies...lots of work...happy results.

The last week of June saw ladies from N. Carolina, Texas, California, Oregon and Canada attend yet another Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat.

This first photo shows all of us as we begin their 6-day Retreat adventure.  All of them arrived with individual personal goals for their fitting success.   You'll see Sherry, my assistant standing to my left.  And the lady second in on the right is our new Canadian distributor - Anna Espindola - here for her practicum training.

Closing event occurred on Wednesday evening.

And the above photo is all of us squished in together.

A student from the June Fit & Sew Retreat - designed the yoga pants project but sewn at home - the yoga pants are found in the designing book Pants that Mix n Multiply. Don't you just love the happy fabric. Her husband calls them her 'happy pants'. And she's happy that they fit so well. Thanks for sharing Shelley!

Here's Anna - our SFD Canadian distributor - in her Retreat project - Yoga Pants and Tank Top.
They fit so well and look just great on her.

Thanks to all of you for attending and working so diligently to achieve the best fit possible for your body shape.

Happy sewing,

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