Aug 22, 2017

New Fashion Leaflet

So many of you love the wrap front crossover style of blouse.  Last week, I gave you information on how to remove the gap that just might happen on your diagonal crossover.  As I explained, this is due to the crossover being on the bias and a bias cut typically will stretch and will often result in a gaping front overlap.  If this is your first time reading on this topic, you may want to look back to last week's post.

Today I'm announcing the newest digital Fashion Leaflet - the Wrap Crossover: Sleeveless Surplice Top.
This particular top is sewn with a very limited stretch knit fabric - meaning I did not size down my bodice blueprint.  But I did use the series of underarm dots for Sleeveless Garments so that the underarm would pull up and in toward my body.  Just remember, the stretchier your fabric, the more you will want to size down to accommodate the stretch of the fabric. You'll find information on sizing down for stretchy fabrics on page 6 of your Dress Kit instruction book.  If you want to sew this from a woven fabric, just think ahead and plan for a center back zipper.

This digital Fashion Leaflet can be purchased from this page -
Cost? = $4.49

Happy Sewing!

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