Nov 7, 2017

Look What Your Body Blueprint Can Do!

You've drawn your body blueprint (your sloper) from your Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit bodice - now let's take a look at 3 common designs easily drawn from your finished blueprint.

First of all, your bodice blueprint is represented in the shaded gray(ish) color.

An easy design to draw is the Vest - shaded in pink.  You'll find Vest directions in both the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit (on the enclosed Fashion Leaflet), and in the Children's Kit on page 33.  The directions for an adult vest are basically the same, except you'll have your bust dart on the side seam.

Your bodice blueprint can easily be drafted into a blouse.  Just make sure to add your skirt blueprint attached at the bodice waist level so that you make sure you incorporate your correct high and low hip circumferences, so that the blouse will button up comfortably into your hip area.  There are directions for adding the skirt to the bodice on page 32 of the Dress Kit instruction book.  And there are a couple of free videos on blouse designing.  Simply go to and look for D.20 Designing a Blouse, D.27 Blouse Designing 101, and D.32 How to Draw & Designs the Kimberly Blouse.

Next you'll see the shaded green area which represents a general outline for a basic jacket.  By raising and extending the shoulder point (for a shoulder pad) and widening the underarm to allow for jacket-wearing ease, you can sew jackets from your Dress Kit bodice blueprint.  See page 35 in the Dress Kit instruction book for specific Jacket/Coat Designing ease changes.

Happy fitting & designing!
Glenda...the Good Stitch

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