Dec 26, 2017

Truing a Pattern before sewing

In this blog post I'd like to share with you a few tips about truing and perfecting your patterns before you cut your fabric.  Everything you do to check and true your pattern will pay off when you begin sewing the pieces together.

Here is an example.  Let's say you want some gathers at the neckline.  You move the side-fitting bust dart up to the neckline.  In this example I'm showing you a scooped neckline by dropping the center front neck point about 4-5" and reshaping the neck curve with the Designing Stylus.

Here is what that could look like.

You'll notice the jagged, jogged neck line that results.  This needs to be trued.  Use the Designing Stylus as shown.

'True' a new seam line to smooth out the curve.

The last thing you'd most likely do is add the required seam allowance.

This is just one example of truing or perfecting the pattern before cutting and sewing.

Here's a video on what to look for in the rest of the pattern: how to look for 90 degree angles with two adjoining seams, how to match and check seam line lengths, how to check side seam shapes.  In the video I show this process on a bodice/skirt combination but the general concepts apply to all your patterns including pants and shirts.

If you can't see the video within your email display, simply click on the link provided.

All these tips will no doubt result in a winning pattern that sews together easily.

Happy Sewing!
Glenda the Good Stitch

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