Jan 15, 2018

That Sewing Blab Interview

This should be interesting and fun. The co-hosts from That Sewing Blab will be interviewing yours truly on Tuesday night.

If you've not watched their live Internet sewing show before, Dawn from DuelingDesigns and Myra from SimpleInspirations, offer this fun and informative TV show where they interview all kinds of sewing personalities.

If you are new to Sure-Fit Designs, you can learn more on our websites:

1. www.surefitdesigns.com – the main website where ladies can find out about their pattern fitting kits, see photo galleries (real customers in real garments sewn with SFD), make purchases, find out about their Fit & Sew Retreats, etc.

2. www.sfdLearningCenter.com – their learning center. They offer over 200+ free videos on fitting, designing, and sewing. The learning center offers a Video Library and Article Library all free of charge. This valuable resource is available 24/7.

3. www.SewFitAcademyOnline.com –their courtesy website that offers a streaming video option of all of our physical DVD tutorials. They also house our Sew Alongs on this website.

We also have a worldwide distribution network where you'll find fitting and sewing help for our international sewists:
1. UK/Ireland/EU – Judith Johnson – www.surefitdesigns.co.uk
2. South Africa – Elsabe Hurn – www.surefitdesigns.co.za
3. Canada – Anna Espindola – www.surefitdesigns.ca
4. Australia/NZ – Martha Schuster – www.surefitdesigns.com.au

We'll be talking about how and when I started sewing, the evolution of Sure-Fit Designs as well as all the multiple resources we offer to those just starting out sewing as well as for our seasoned sewists.

PLEASE REGISTER - It all happens Tuesday night - 7:30PM Pacific Time - and if you want to catch the live broadcast, make sure to register on this page. If you happen to be catching your beauty sleep then, the broadcast will be available in YouTube the next day, as well as I will post it on our website - www.SFDLearningCenter.com. The video file may be too large to post in our Facebook group.

Hope you can join us...
Glenda the Good Stitch


  1. Hi Glenda, the chat was great, and by the way, the new website is fantastic! So much cleaner and easy to navigate - I'm even finding things I haven't seen before, and I thought I knew the old one inside out. Kudos!

    1. Thank you Caroline - the interview was fun to do. And I'm happy to hear you're finding the new site easier to navigate - that was one of my major objectives. Appreciate your comments/feedback.