Sep 11, 2012

Sheer Experiences

Sheers are quite popular right now.  I love animal prints, and this particular piece kept saying ‘Buy Me’.  So I did.  It’s a drapable sheer which I thought would be pretty sewn up as the Asymmetrical Wrap Blouse.  This design has a turn-back lining and then cascades down to the hem.  So far, so good!

Then I underlined and lined this top.  Here’s where I think I made a bit of a tactical error.  I underlined in black, then, lined it with fashion fabric.  When the front drape is flipped back, of course, you see the fashion fabric.  Ultimately, I think it would have been prettier and more dramatic to simply have lined the entire blouse with the black.  Then when the front flipped back, the black would have cascaded downward.  It definitely would have added more drama.  So when it was all said and done, I decided the next best thing was to use a contrasting black belt.

I ended up making my sheer blouse opaque.  This was partly by design because I’m always cold no matter whether we’re in the heat of summer or the dead of winter.  I didn’t want a flimsy, see-through top.  I didn’t want to feel cold.  And I didn’t want to have to think about wearing T-shirts underneath for this to feel comfortable.

The other issue that popped up once I donned the finished blouse, is that the fabric had a gold thread running through it.  I loved the sparkle, but forgot the ‘scratch factor’.  My skin is very sensitive.  Oh well, for short periods of wearing, I likely can survive.

The pattern is actually Style #3 – the Asymmetrical Wrap Blouse – from my latest book/DVD, Sew Sensational Shirts.

To see all the tips and techniques of working and sewing with a sheer, please follow this link to the extensive article ‘Sheer Sew-How’ that I’ve recently added to the Article Library in the SFD Learning Center.

Now, take a look at Margaret.  Her sheer blouse is just that – SHEER.  She is wearing it over top of a complimentary colored tank top.  Change the color of the tank top and present a totally different effect.  It’s beautiful, Margaret, and you look so comfortable in it.  Well done!
(Permission from Margaret and Joyful Expressions)


  1. I love the top the way it turned out. I think it would look good with a matching belt as well. I have super-sensitive skin too. I can feel a tiny 1/4" hair from my head if it gets inside my blouse.

    Hugs, Joy

  2. I actually sewed a matching belt first of all, and it was too much. The black belt added just that bit of contrast and continuity with the black slacks.

    I read some other blog you wrote where you talked about skin sensitivity and knew we shared similar sensitive skin. I too can feel the little, ityist (SP?), bityist hair if it's gotten inside.


  3. I love your top Glenda and the contrast belt is very effective.

  4. Thanks Una, it was fun working on this project and sharing my experiences.