Sep 25, 2012

It won't rip your Master Patterns!

I have just recently been introduced to Scotch Brand Removable Tape.  This is the most exciting thing since sliced bread!  I absolutely love it and it's perfect for taping the tracing vellum to the SFD Master Patterns.

I've had numerous customers email asking what tape to use when laying the tracing vellum over top of the Master Patterns.  Regular plastic tape will often rip the top layer of paper fibers off the Master Pattern.  I'm sure many of you have watched some of my educational videos showing you how to use the SFD patterns, and have noticed the blue tape I've been using.  That is the blue painter's tape.  I still use it to secure the Master Patterns to the wall (so that I don't take the surface of the paint off the wall when I remove them).  This blue tape also has worked well enough when taping the vellum to the Master Patterns.  But in a recent hands-on fitting class I just gave, one of my students brought this Removable Tape.  It was the first time I'd ever seen it.

In this photo, I know you can hardly see it, but the Tracing Vellum is taped on to the Master Pattern in the upper right corner.  (And don't you just love this tracing vellum?  It really is so clear, durable and see-through that it's difficult to take a picture showing you that it is laying on top.)  When I took the display down, the tape pulled off like magic - no rips or tears.  I know they can't call it magic tape, since that name is already used for another product.  But it certainly works well for our SFD purposes.    You should be able to purchase this Removable Tape in most office supply stores.


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  1. I had NO idea you didn't know about this tape. Phylly and I have miles of it. We buy ours at the office suppy store in the little boxes. It even peels off of the flimsy commercial pattern paper.
    Hugs, Joy