Oct 2, 2012


Are leggings for you?  They were in vogue in the 60's and very trendy in the 80's and now they're ubiquitous once again.

Olivia and John (Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta) got physical in Flash Dance.  And, everybody, particularly the younger generation wore leggings.  As trends always do, they disappeared, tucked away in some dark fashion cupboard only to re-emerge as the century rolled over.  Now, everyone is wearing them and they've once again become a wardrobe staple.

Are leggings for you?  If you wore them then, do you remember how comfortable they were?  That's of course, if they fit you properly.  Now when you use your Sure-Fit Designs Pants patterns as a base, you'll end up with the fit designed for your body shape.

So, are leggings right for you?  They can be worn for so many different occasions.  I've made some snazzy black/gold paisley leggings and teamed them up with a gold lame knit cowl neck blouse and the diagonal hemmed cardigan (both from Beyond Bodice Basics). 
Or you could team them up with the Crossover Shoulder T-Shirt from Sew Sensational Shirts to create a much more casual look.
Or, have them look more like tight pants with a flared hem.  These ones are shown with the Asymmetrical Wrap Blouse also from Sew Sensational Shirts
These new instructions for Leggings by Sure-Fit Designs give all kinds of details for working with two-way versus one-way stretch knit fabric and gives detailed sewing construction steps.

Watch this short video, then hop on over to the SFDLearningCenter Store to get your copy of these instructions.

And how to accessorize?  My suggestion is to generally have layers of tops and have at least one of those items be as long (or longer) than your low hip level.

Wear them for dress-up, casual, day wear or gym wear and don't forget those heavier leggings to warm you in the winter.


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  1. Those look like some nice leggings for women. My mom usually prefers the ones by Hue, but I think she might like those.