Dec 11, 2012

Getting that darned Crotch Curve to Fit!!!

So many women are on the seemingly never-ending search to find a crotch curve for their pants pattern that will fit their exact body shape and contours.  And so you should be, because a well-fitting crotch curve is one of the key ingredients in the perfect fitting pants.

The Sure-Fit Designs Pants Pattern has served so many so well over the past 30 years, but I know some of you are still skeptical.  Will if fit me???

Some of you will definitely fit 'straight-out-of-the box'.  Others of you may need to do refinements or minor tune-ups.  At Sure-Fit Designs, we provide all kinds of help for you.  You can watch any number of free videos on pants fitting at

But, I'd also like to share with you one of the Sure-Fit Designs (SFD) customers, who has tried many different pants patterns, many different experiments with 'bendy curves and butt tucks' to get just the perfect crotch fit, and ended up coming back to the SFD Pants pattern for her best and excellent fit.

In essence, Joy (from Joyful Expressions), shows how she manipulated the crotch curve with a 'butt tuck', and ended up with the pants shaping her backside, but that alteration changed the hang of the leg.  And if you pinch out a fold in the side seam, it helps to remove these diagonal wrinkles.
But then she says...'I had the choice of fixing my blueprint by adding the tuck from the outside leg, or starting over.  I decided to start over with a new SFD pants drawing and just TRUST the fit as it came out with NO CROTCH CORRECTIONS. 

I happened to have about six yards of this lightweight camo fabric in the closet that I bought when my 20-year old grandson was a little boy.  I decided he probably didn't want his Grandma making him camo pants anymore, so I pulled it out of the closet to use for my "muslin".  Here's how it turned out:

Even though we can't see all the great fitting details in this camo fabric, you can tell from an overall view that the fit is excellent.

For those of you who still might be skeptical about the results that Sure-Fit Designs can offer, I hope this has alleviated some of your concerns.

You can read Joy's complete post at

And if you'd like to investigate the SFD Pants Pattern a little more, please go to: SFDLearningCenter


  1. I'm always surprised to see myself here. (-;

    Just wanted to point out that I did narrow the leg on this pant, and I really like that too.

    One suggestion I would make for the FIRST pair is to add some "insurance" at the top when you cut the pant out -- maybe 1/2". That way, you can put an elastic around the almost complete pant to make sure the waist is exactly right for the crotch, and draw a line around UNDER the elastic to mark the waist before you put the band on. If you have to pull the pant up a bit without the "insurance", then the pant legs will be too short. (Ask me how I know.)

    Crotch length - all the way from front waist, under you legs and up to back waist -- is a VERY tricky thing to measure perfectly.

    Hugs, Joy

    1. LOL! Make the last line of that last post say BETWEEN your legs -- not UNDER them. That would be an EXTREMELY long crotch! O-=

      Hugs, Joy

  2. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for adding the extra instructions. You did a great job.