May 14, 2013

Copy with Confidence

Now and again, some of you send me photos of garments you see in Ready to Wear (R-T-W) and wonder how best to copy the design.  And that's just what happened with this R-T-W Tunic. But what surprised me was the cost of these tunics - they ranged in price from $275 - $495.  I know I've sewn almost my entire life, and I certainly don't always sew for economy, but I never could justify paying that much for such a simple tunic design.

Here's one of their's...

Enter - the SFD Copy Cat Tunic
Depending on the final fit you'd want, you could use either your SFD Shirt Kit or Dress Kit pattern.  The Shirt pattern will of course give you a deeper armscye and more ease around your bust because it doesn't have a bust dart.  In copying this design, I chose to use the Dress bodice pattern because I did want the shape provided by the bust dart.

If you'd like to design and sew this yourself, click here for the Copy Cat: R-T-W Tunic

I've teamed this tunic up with my fun and comfy paisley leggings (also available as a download Fashion Leaflet only), but it would also look great with slacks or your wear-ever jeans.

I had just enough 'scraps' remaining from my leggings to face the neck opening, add a skinny mandarin-style of collar, and trim the 3/4 length sleeves.

I love the comfort, design and fit...and the price was certainly right.
Enjoy...the new Copy Cat: R-T-W Tunic

And just a last footnote - I wore this leggings and tunic combination during the recent Fit & Sew Retreat (April '13).  My husband, Wesley, (who was donning his chauffeur hat) was also at the sewing studio one day showing the ladies his SFD track suit.  This next photo is shown with permission from Sandra Carden who took the picture.  (Sandra's sewing blog -

I'm now booking ladies for the October 6 - 11, 2013 Fit & Sew Retreat.  If you'd like to consider joining us, you can see additional retreat details here -


  1. Your tunic looks fabulous!

  2. Thank you Bunny. It's exceptionally comfortable and I do enjoy wearing it. Kindly, Glenda

  3. I love this tunic. Your paisley fabric is lovely. The outfit looks lovely on you. I like the slightly more fitted look. I hope I manage to make something like this when I get my body blueprint done.

  4. I'm ready to try something new. Maybe I'll try some pants like that and a tunic. Looks like fun!
    Hugs, Joy

  5. It'll be a fun and easy project - Enjoy! Kindly, Glenda