Jul 30, 2013

Narrowing the Pants Leg

Many women ask how to narrow the width of the SFD Pants leg.  They love the fit of the waist, hip and crotch, but some find the leg too wide, or at least wider than they would like it to be.  It's very easy to narrow the leg to your liking.  Just remember to take width equally off the inseam and side seam so that you will maintain the straight of grain which means the pant leg won't twist when worn.

Here's a short video on narrowing the leg that you'll likely find beneficial.

Using a pair of existing pants that you know you like the leg width of helps with determining what the finished hem width should be.  Much also depends on what style of pant you're designing and what looks best on your body.

With the Diamond/Pear shaped hip, the weight is carried at the low hip (and often into the thigh) area.  The Apple/Heart shape carries weight in the high hip, stomach, waist area.  The Rectangular shape is mostly straight up and down.

The wider you are in your hip area and the tighter you want the legs of your pants to be, the more you risk giving the impression of an inverted triangle which will simply emphasize your hip circumference.

I'll close with a word of caution, don't over 'narrow' those legs.

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