Aug 6, 2013

Trumpet Sleeve & Elvis-Galabia by Cicilie

It always pleases me no end when customers write to in showing me their accomplishments.

This trumpet sleeve design was shared by one of our international customers - Cicilie from Norway.  She makes belly dancing costumes and this is one of her adaptations of a Sure-Fit Designs instruction.

She used the details and hemline from the Angel Sleeve blouse - (see this page - 3/4 Length Angel Sleeve Blouse) but implemented these designing instructions only from the elbow down toward the hem.

Here's what her pattern looks like:
And here is what the resulting sleeve looks like:

Well done and beautifully lined!

And speaking of belly dancing, Cicilie makes costumes for both men and women. This 'dress' is called a galabia (galabeya) a traditional Arab style of clothing used by both men and women.  It can have different names, depending on the country, but it is the same principle: a loose ankle/full length kirtle for both everyday wear and festive occasions.  It may be decorated embroidery.  The galabia has been taken into use as dance costumes for folkloric dances and if often heavily embellished.

For this galabia, she was inspired by the Elvis jumpsuit and wanted a semi-fitted, more tailored look, but it still needed to be comfortable for substantial movement while dancing.  To accomplish this for David, the male performer, Cicilie used the Dress Kit armhole and sleeve (since it is much closer to the underarm than the Shirt Kit pattern) and combined it with the Shirt pattern. It turned out well and was totally functional for our performing artist.

Here is a video of David of Scandinavia in a belly dance festival which took place in Stockholm.  You'll see the galabia as well as his belly dancing performance.  What a special treat this is for me to see the effects and positive results of sewing with Sure-Fit Designs world wide!

(Permission by DaVid of Scandinavia -

 Cicilie, thank you so much for sharing your accomplishments with the SFD patterns.  She says, '
It is quit incredible really! I have not got so much experience in sewing and before this none in designing, but I have always wanted to – and it feels like I’ve had a flying start!'


  1. No video here, but I'm on my IPad.
    Great post! Would love to see the whole costume on Cicilie.

  2. I've just checked. The video is here. Guess you need to view this on a regular computer. Kindly, Glenda

  3. Hi Glenda, What a wonderful surprise this must have been for you to see. This reminds me of the title of that Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" You are (in a very special way) all over the world! Congratulations to you and to Cicilie for her fine work. Will you please let her know that we would like to see the entire costume? Thanks!

  4. Hi Sandra, I'm sure Cicilie will read these comments and perhaps will share her entire costume with us.

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words! The dress still needs embellishment for to be completely finished. I will ask the lady for whom I have made the dress if she will be willingly to share a photo when finished :-)
    Apart from the angel sleeve design, I found a huge help in the leggings pattern (to download) on how to work with stretch fabric.
    I also must say thank you to Glenda for the support and her patience with all of my questions :-)

    Kindly, Cicilie