Aug 13, 2013

Highlights - Fit & Sew Retreat - July Class

In all the Fit & Sew Retreats, I always feel so fortunate to meet such delightful women with their unique personalities.  This recent July 2013 workshop saw attendees from Portland & Eugene (Oregon), Idaho, Florida and Mexico.

Six days of lessons, drawing patterns, sewing and fitting can be wearing - we were all tired come Friday afternoon.  But even so, there was always time for some fun and laughter.  This is truly a beehive of activity.

We fitted sloping shoulders, rounded backs, forward thrusting neck, apple and straight-shaped frames and large upper arms.

Any of you who do photography know that without exception lighting, every crease, fold, or wrinkle will look its worst, particularly in muslin.  Just realize that in person the garment looks much better than the photo might portray.

And our sisters from Eugene and Portland, not only got their yoga pants completed (almost except the hem), they also designed and sewed their tank tops.  I'm very grateful that they've given permission to show these photos.

 Sorry these photos are dark - just simply not the best of lighting.

 And do notice...NO gaping armholes.  The SFD Bodice master pattern has a series of dots for sleeveless garments which raise and bring the armhole in slightly for a better fit.

My thanks to all of you for being such great students.



  1. Do you do that in your home? I can't imagine that much activity for six days! Hope you have a helper or two. The tops all fit great. All I can say to your readers is "I told you so!" (-;

    Hugs, Joy

  2. Joy, I teach at a sewing studio called 'Our Sewing Room' - Springfield OR. It's an unbelievably great facility. High ceilings, big windows - lots of natural light, fitting area, sewing machines provided, all necessary tools available, high cutting tables, kitchenette - it's totally perfect! A couple of years ago Vogue magazine did an article on sewing studios throughout the USA. They featured 10 studios, 6 of which were in the Pacific NW, and Our Sewing Room was one of the featured facilities, with yours truly teaching in the accompanying photo.

  3. Love the sleeveless tops. I'll be trying one soon.

  4. Hi Leonie, Those knit tops are from the Tank Top Leaflets. You find them in the SFD Learning Center - Additional Download Design Leaflets. Kindly, Glenda

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