Aug 27, 2013

My Husband's Dromedary Hump!

I know he doesn't like me calling it that, but every time I look at his back neck, I see this high, rounded hump at the top of his spine.  Our chiropractor says it's nothing to worry about, but I tell him he should take more calcium.  And you know how much husband's listen to their know-it-all wives!

Be that as it may, my husband, Wes, wanted me to sew him a couple of long sleeve T-Shirts.  I do enjoy doing things for him, but this was one time when I told him he should just go to Walmart and buy a couple of $5 buck T-shirts.  After all, he's just going to use them for our weekly hikes and Walmart is definitely cheaper than my time.  Oh well, his birthday was coming, so I went ahead and sewed him a couple as he requested.

Now...back to the Dromedary Hump and how to modify his Shirt Kit pattern.

This is how his store-bought T-shirts normally sit on his body.  Notice how the front neck rides up and pulls on his Adam's apple and the back neck rides back.  The back neck of his pattern definitely needs more height and the front neck needs to be lowered.

Now to his pattern:
 The back neck point was raised 5/8" and gently re-shaped into the shoulder neck point.

The front neck point was lowered 1/2" and re-shaped to the front neck shoulder point.

Now let's see how the SFD T-Shirt sit on his neck.

I think you can see there's a significant difference in the way they sit on his neck both front and back and his shoulders.  The neck line now covers his back neck hump and the CF sits down where it should.  (The ribbing looks looser than what I wanted it to be, but he didn't want anything tight around his neck.  No wonder!  He's used to being choked all the time in the ill-fitting R-T-W Tee's).

This is a really simple modification for this type of body rounding and particularly when it's sewn from a knit, no further rounding of the back is required.


  1. He will be 'ordering' multiply T's from now on, now that this fits so well. Such simple changes makes so much difference. Your shirt kit is certainly very versatile ... J

  2. They do look much more comfortable. I also notice the shoulder seam in RTW is pulling back too. No wonder he wants SFD tees!

  3. He really does enjoy wearing these - they are so much more comfortable around his neck.

    1. OMG! If Jerry hadn't left town, I would take a picture of him in a tee shirt. TOTALLY, EXACTLY like that! He doesn't care at all about it, but I just want to walk up behind him sometime and cut a slash across the back of his tee shirt so it will quit CHOKING him!
      Hugs, Joy

  4. That's a fantastic result, Glenda. I bet he's super happy.

  5. How did you determine the 5/8" and 1/2" adjustment?

  6. Joy, those dimensions were a 'best guess' plus a little measuring.