Dec 3, 2013

Princess-Seamed Pants

I still hear lots of ladies groan every time I suggest using a seam up the center of the pants leg.  For some reason or other, they must think there is some stigma attached to using a seam up the center of the leg of the pants pattern.

But when you have quite a flat backside, or when you have a large high hip or abdomenal circumference (meaning a large waist and stomach area) going to a flat backside or pencil thin legs, this center leg seam is truly a life-saver.  With this seam, you can deepen the stitching curve under your backside and you can use it to help taper the legs.  Those of you who have seen this process and the results being pants that fit so well, are true converts.

But have you thought of using this same seaming concept up the front of your pants leg?  In this photo, you'll see pants front - with one 'regular' leg and one 'seamed' leg.
Please keep in mind these are 'test' pants - hence all the other wrinkles - but you can likely see the remarkable difference between the leg with or without the center seam.  It simply fits so much better.

Here's the completed side and back views.

 Do you remember my NY trip blog?  Well, while 'shopping' those famous 5th. Ave stores, another design I saw LOTS of  was pants with seams - down the back and front of the pants leg.  Designer's simply know you can get a superior fit when you incorporate these leg seams for shaping.  Here's a photo of the front of a pair of pants (sorry I wasn't holding them totally upright), but you can still see the front leg seam.  By the way, these exposed zippers are very popular too.  (FYI - These pants were priced at $249.00).  How simple are these for us talented seamstresses!

Now, to make this happen, I suggest watching this video.  This concept of adding seams to the interior of both the front and back legs of your pants pattern is significant enough to have made a video on the process.  Please take a few minutes to watch.

(Well, this is crazy, but I'm having great difficulty accessing this video from YouTube and putting it in this blog.  So until I get that figured out, please just click on this link and it will take you directly to the video on the YouTube site.  It's called

Just give this a try to see how simple and effective the pants princess seam can be to help refine your pants fit.


  1. Fun design detail on those pants. Sewing has spoiled me - I could never spend $250 on something so easy to make at home! As you know, I'm one of the princess seam converts; never have I had such a good fit as with my new master pattern. Now if I could only find the time to finish those pants I started last month...

  2. Time....we all need more of that. But then, we'd just try to push more things into our schedule. Yes, this princess seam does wonders for so many body shapes. I still want to see your finished yoga pants (when you have time!).

  3. As I do every year, I'm entertaining the fantasy that I will move mountains during the Christmas break - so perhaps after the first of the year I will finally have pictures to share.

    I'm eager to wear my yoga pants! I think my current Nordstrom dress slacks are made from either Ponte Roma or Sophia, as they have a similar hand. Those slacks are super comfortable, despite the less than ideal fit. I look forward to having such comfortable pants that are tailored specifically for me...

  4. Love the exposed zipper pants. I'm thinking these look like a knit. I could see seams down my legs with knit pants, but I just don't like the look - yet - of princess seam pants.
    Of course my rear end is ANYTHING but flat. ;)

  5. Yes, the exposed zippers are in a knit pants. It was an extremely heavy, almost no-give, limited stretch knit.