Dec 30, 2013

Help me out - Your suggestions welcome! and...Happy New Year!

As we officially close 2013 and open up 2014, first, I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year. 2013 has gone way too fast, but it's been a great year. 

Second, I'd like to request your suggestions.  You all know that we post lots of complimentary, tutorial-type of videos to help you with your fitting, designing and sewing success.  To date, Sure-Fit Designs now has over 120 instructional 'helps' up on You Tube.  We intend to keep that number growing throughout 2014.

During the past 3 months, we've knocked off a number of them that were on my 'Video To-Do List', so now I need your help and suggestions.  Usually, the tutorials stem from suggestions and requests you ask for, issues I see happening with our customers as they are drawing off their patterns and some of the topics come from what I see occurring in my fitting retreats.  When I see something happen more than 2 or 3 times, I figure there might be a few others out there that are experiencing the same issue.

What would you like to see explained or addressed in new videos?  Please take a few minutes to leave a comment on this blog page.  When you're commenting, please be specific.  Remember, I attempt to focus on only one single topic at a time and something that can be dealt with in no more than about 10 minutes of video time.  And...if you can't get the Comment Box on this blog page to work properly, simply drop me an email at

As you are contemplating your input, think of topics relating to drawing out your body blueprints, fitting and minor tune-ups and adjustments, designing questions and/or sewing issues you might want information on.

And before I close this very short, end-of-the-year blog, I must give credit to my ever-resourceful and creative husband (Wes), who, as many of you know is our videographer.

We've graduated from our humble beginnings of a friend's borrowed camera, to top-of-the-line movie production video cam and cameras, equipment, and complex editing software.  Everything now is shot in HD (and uploaded to YouTube in HD too), so that you receive the best clarity possible.

It's been a creative learning experience for both of us...we've loved the challenge...and there's more to come.

I really do want your input, so take a few minutes to offer your video topic suggestions.  And don't be afraid to offer more than one suggestion - I will appreciate and evaluate all of them.

Thank you all for a great 2013!  We wish you all the best in the coming year and may you have many hours of rewarding sewing.
Happy New Year,


  1. I always enjoy your tutorials, even when they don't necessarily apply to me, since they teach me to see how things should and shouldn't fit.

    Sorry if this is long but the more I sew the more I find that I want to do better.

    The big issue for me has been pants fitting. I have a 13" difference between my hips and waist but most of that difference is right behind me and over a relatively short length of my body. I can often get everything to appear mostly right in a solid fabric, but if I sew the pants in a check or plaid, you can see that the cross grain is pulled way down in the center back, forming an unflattering chevron and that causes the fabric by the waistline to ripple a bit since it's on the bias. The basic block really wants me to add the width I need evenly around the garment but it seems like I'm one size at the waist and through the front and another size in back, below the waist.

    I'm realizing I need to scoop out a lot more fabric from the back crotch seam but then getting that lost fabric into the side seams looks really weird unless I also add extra fabric to the legs. It's also really just guess work as to how much and where I need to carve out that extra shaping and I'm wasting a lot of fabric trying to sort it out.

    The last thing that happens is that I sometimes can't fit a waistband over my hips if the garment fits in both places. it's not so big a problem with really low-slung pants but for anything I would want to wear to work, I generally have to settle for a waist that only fits with a belt.

  2. Hi Marnie,
    First, I'm glad the tutorials are of help to you and even though they might not be exactly what your issue is, if they are inspiring you - that's great!

    For me to actually offer some assistance for your particular concern, it would be most helpful if you sent photos directly to me. Without them, I'm just guessing that what I might suggest might be helpful.

    You may not have seen one of our recent videos - P.6.12 Large Buttocks-Derriere - Easy Minor Tune-Up. This may help. You'll find it in the in the Video Library.

    As for your waist to hip ratio, your waist edge always need to open up enough to go over your hips. Stretch fabric of course, is always a choice. But if working with woven, then you'd need a long enough zipper so that the waist opening will pull up comfortably over your hips. Since you are definitely diamond shaped, those are your options.


  3. Hi Glenda,

    happy New Year!

    Your videos are awesome, very helpful. I find that they help me understand design & construction even if the video does not directly relate to an issue I am having. I guess my learning gap at the moment us how to design a few reliable basic designs that create a wearable mix & match wardrobe capsule. You did a video that discussed what designs to consider if you are losing weight and therefore expect to drop in size once the garment is complete. Do you think a video that shows how to think thru a complete wardrobe set of pieces would be helpful for the SFD addicts out there?

    For now I am researching this area by reading lots of books and magazines on "how to look chic" and how to make small design changes to a design to make it a different looking garment. For instance, Burda's sewing Vintage Modern book, or looking at how major Pattern companies like Butterick design a few pieces to create a wardrobe (pants, skirt, top, jacket set).

    Right now I'm making some nice things, some awful things, and am trying to bridge this gap!

    Hope this helps,
    Thanks Glenda

  4. Just want to tell that cute videographer that he is doing such a great job! I can really tell a big improvement in your new videos. Keep up the good work. When you get tired of that camera, please toss it my way. (-;

    Can't think of anything for a new video at the moment, except for MORE samples of how you compare SFD blueprints to commercial patterns.

    Hugs, Joy

  5. Joy, good suggestion. I too was thinking perhaps a demo comparing and SFD pants pattern to a commercial one.

    And Sigrid, also a good idea on wardrobe planning. Quite often, wardrobes are just thrown together in hopes that pieces coordinate. Thought and focus on the front end sure does help with putting it all together.

    Thank you both for your suggestions.

  6. Glenda, have you ever addressed the order in which various pattern alterations should be completed? For instance, I have a high rounded back, rounded shoulders, narrow shoulders, and forward shoulders. Where should I begin the fitting and fine tuning process? I'm sure a number of others have more than one needed alteration.

    I also second the wardrobe planning suggestion! Right now I'm trying to plan a cohesive transition-to-spring capsule.

    And Joy's suggestion is also on my wish list.

    Thank you so very much for all you do for your customers!

  7. Laura, thanks so much for your suggestions. I don't know if I'll get to wardrobe planning anytime soon, but having a discussion about what order to do the alteration and tune-ups is a good suggestion...and one that's been asked for by others. I'll put my thinking cap on and see how best to present this info.
    Kindly, Glenda

  8. Glenda, what is the name of the pencil you mentioned that is good to use on the vellum tracing paper? Thanks Vickie

  9. Hi Vickie, That pencil suggestion came from one of our customers and it goes back a long way in the blog. I've taken a look, but can't seem to find it myself! Sorry! I just use a regular pencil. Perhaps if whomever mentioned a special pencil reads this, you might jump in and let us all know again.

  10. I really need help sewing clothes for my adult daughter who has Scoliosis mainly in her lower back and hip areas, one hip juts out and wonks upwards quite a bit. Do you have videos for this issue?

  11. I do offer a couple of videos on asymmetry. One or both of them my help, or at least guide you in what will need to be adjusted.
    D.9.10 Asymmetrical Shoulder Line Minor Tune-Up/Alternation
    D.9.11 Asymmetrical Waist/Hip Level Minor Tune-Up/Alternation