Jan 7, 2014

Whew...It's all done! Let's Sew (easy) Collars!

'What's all done?' you ask.  The last 3 months of 2013 producing the Master Pattern Collar Collection, the Fifth Edition Dress Kit Instruction book, and a web site face-lift kept me off the streets and out of trouble!

First - the Master Pattern Collar Collection has been added to the Dress Kit master patterns.  Now it's very simple to draw collars for your bodice neckline.  This Collar Collection is now part of the Fifth Edition Dress Kit.  Side 1 gives you the collar shapes.  Side 2 gives you detailed instruction on how to use and draw your personal shape.

I know you're going to love working with these collar patterns.
Here's a short video introducing the collection.  
After you've watched the video, I encourage you to comment, 'like' and/or subscribe to the surefitdesigns YouTube channel.  You'll receive immediate notification when a new video is published.  Also, please share this with your sewing buddies on your FaceBook page, sewing blog or forum.  One of my 2014 goals is to increase our SFD subscribers so I'm asking for your help to  'spread the word'.

Second - the Dress Kit Instruction book has been expanded from 48 to 52 pages.  The Fifth edition now has new designs and instructions for the set-in cap sleeve, the two-part sleeve (used primarily in tailored jackets), the funnel neckline design and a really pretty and comfortable high/low hemmed swing top...along with other instruction updates and clarifications.

To see a quick video explaining the Fifth Edition Dress Instruction book, watch below.  (Sorry...the video is not embedded in this blog.  For some strange reason this blogger software can't find the video, even though it is definitely on YouTube.  So the next best thing is to click on this link and watch it on the web page.  http://www.surefitdesigns.com/WhatsNew.html

If you would like to add either (or both) the Collar Collection or Fifth Edition Dress Kit Instruction book to your SFD kits and supplies, please just click here.  http://www.surefitdesigns.com/WhatsNew.html

Third - and last but not least, the main surefitdesigns.com website has undergone a face lift!  The Home Page has been totally transformed to make it easier for you to get to where you want to go.  Now you'll see descriptive icons to take you to their respective pages.  You'll see images like the following:

I hope you find it easier to select what you're looking for.  Once you've taken a browse around SureFitDesigns.com, I would appreciate your comments and feedback.  We want this to be a better experience for you in obtaining the information and getting to where you want to go quickly.  Everyone has opinions about what they like and don't like, so please leave a comment on this blog - or if you can't get the comment box to work - just sent me an email to info@surefitdesigns.com.   I seriously want your feedback - all kudos and constructive criticisms regarding the website are welcome.

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  1. Kudos on getting all that work done! I love that funnel necked jacket - I'm tempted to order the fifth edition for that alone, if I can't figure it out on my own. I have a ready to wear jacket in that style that is surprisingly flattering and I want to duplicate it in a SFD pattern.