Jan 28, 2014

Cowl Collection

Everybody's loved the cowl neck blouse designs in Beyond Bodice Basics.  For those of you who have this Dress Kit designing book but haven't undertaken a project yet, let me inspire you with these cowl neck blouses.

This is Style 3, Variation #1
Let's just call this one the regular 'vanilla version'.

One of my Fit & Sew Retreat students, Kathleen, chose to draw this pattern as her bodice project during the workshop.  At first she said that she was a little intimidated by the instructions, but once she got into drawing the pattern, she realized that the instructions were very clear and logical.  It all came together just like it was supposed to.  Here's what Kathleen's pattern looked like.

 And here's a happy student in her finished blouse.   A drapy, soft knit is a good choice for this pattern design.

And from Kentucky, we also have Cowl Neck blouses contributed by some of the members of the ASG Fit & Style group.
Shelby Smarte chose to design and sew a sleeveless version. Nicely done, Shelby.

From Kathy Wille, we see her lovely finished blouse.  Looks fabulous.  I bet it looks even better on you, Kathy!

Cowl necks - different body shapes...all look lovely.  Thanks for the group photo ladies!

Another Kentucky contribution from Marilyn Neel in her summery sleeveless cowl neck dress that she called 'Summer Breezes'.  She loved it so much, Marilyn sewed the same dress with 3/4 sleeves, which she called 'Shades of Autumn'.  That's gorgeous fabric in both dresses, Marilyn!

This is Style 3, Variation #2
This particular design variation features curved shoulder detailing. It's based on the same drawing technique for the drapy cowl front, but before you begin the neckline drape, you cut away the curved shoulder shape.

And this last photo contribution is from Gudrun K. from Germany.  She's sewn a coordinating outfit of pants and blouse.  Good job with the shoulder detailing!

Thank you, ladies for sharing your work.  If any more of you have sewn the cowl neck blouse and would like to send a photo, I'd love to see your accomplishments.  You likely know the address: info@surefitdesigns.com.

And for those of you who need a more 'visual' nudge, remember that your Beyond Bodice Basics designing book comes with its own how-to DVD.  You be able to see exactly how these cowl neck designs are drawn from your basic Dress Kit bodice.


  1. All of them are really pretty. I haven't made one as of yet.

  2. This design is fun to draw and easier than you might initially think.
    Kindly, Glenda

  3. Honestly, I'd never liked cowls until I saw yours! What I love is that it's easy to design in as much or as little draping as suits your personal taste (and the fabric at hand). I haven't made one yet, but it's definitely on my list of styles I want to employ.

  4. The type of knit you use also plays a role in how drapy it will be. The softer the knit, the more drape it will have. And yes, you can control the amount of drape by how much you spread the section open.

  5. I especially love the ones that are a little more "drapey" at the waist as well! I wonder if they were simply designed a little longer and just bloused above the hip a little.

  6. Maybe the ladies in question will respond. My guess is that they didn't do anything special, but it is just how their sloper is fitting at their waist and hip line. And then in mine, I have shirred one side seam so that makes it look a little more blouse-y at the hip.