Feb 11, 2014

Our Not-so Neglected Men!

Most women sew for themselves...and we love it!  But one of my Fit & Sew Retreat students took upon herself the task of sewing jeans for her husband.  Kathleen initially sewed him a 'muslin' test.  Dan is a slender man with a bit of a flat butt, but Kathleen did a fabulous job of reducing fullness in the back for his unique shape.

Then she went on to design and sew his first 'home-made jeans'.  And all I can say is, 'Wow, Wow, Wow!'  Here are the photos of the front, back and side views.

Yes, the fit is great for Dan's build and posture, but wait till you see the expert stitchery up close!

They took some time to do, of course, but this kind of attention to detail requires time, care and love of her craft.  Not a thread or stitch out of place!  Kathleen deserves to be proud (and congratulated) and so does he.

This was all done with the Men's Instructional Package with the Leaflet inside on designing men's jeans.

And you should see the machine Kathleen sews on...yes, it's an (old) Singer.
Just goes to show ya' that you don't need a top-of-the-line machine with fancy stitches to do precision work.
What can I say, but Wow, Wow, Wow!!


  1. Major kudos to Kathleen! Awesome job. I love the "fun" waistband facing fabric, it's something I want to incorporate into my everyday sewing.

  2. I know he's proud. They are a perfect fit!

  3. AWESOME! I am shocked at the machine she did all of that on. Excellent work all around.

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  5. It looks like the same model my mom received from her mother as a 1956 wedding gift. I learned to sew on the machine and still have it.
    Kathleen's top stitching was done with a single needle? Wow! Great job!