Feb 18, 2014

What can I do with that dart?

Last week I showed you how to transfer the side-fitting bust dart down into the high hip area to create a curved French dart.  This week, you'll see that the dart can easily become gathers.

In the 2013 October Fit & Sew Retreat, we had lots of variation in what each lady wanted design-wise for her tank top project.  Denise choose to relocate the dart up into the scooped neckline and to stitch the newly-opened dart space into gathers.  In the following photo, Denise is testing the distribution of the gathers before applying the neckline binding trim.
 ...and a close-up
This is what her pattern looked liked. Notice that she distributed the dart space fairly evenly over 3 different slash lines coming down from the lowered neck edge up to the apex mark.  Whatever size your dart shape/size is, it will be maintained during this transfer process.
The neck edge, armholes and hem line are now completed and the fit is (yes, of course) unique to her body shape.
This Tank Top design with the Center Front Neckline Gathers, can be found on this page of downloadable Fashion Leaflets (just scroll toward the bottom of the page).

Isn't that color perfect for her?  I know we're looking at sleeveless in our colder winter months, but you can see she'll be ready for warmer weather as the new year progresses.

Denise...thanks so much for sharing your accomplishments.


  1. "Last week I showed you how to transfer the side-fitting bust dart down into the high hip area to create a curved French dart." --- I can't seem to find that blog post. Where can I find that?

  2. Hi Lavonda...Sorry I got the blogs a little out of order. Here's the link to the other Dart transfer blog on French darts - http://surefitdesigns.blogspot.com/2013/12/whats-french-dart.html

  3. I looked for the sheet you refer to with bust dart moved to gathers at scooped neck. For some reason, I just don't see it. I see the tank with the scooped neck, but it says it has a bust dart. Which top is it exactly? I have the 4 tank top designs, and I don't recall seeing it in those.

    1. Hi Joy, You already have it. It's the scooped neck tank top - kind of turquoise/aqua colored one. It's just the bust dart transferred and distributed in the neck line.

      Glenda...the Good Stitch!