Apr 1, 2014

5th Edition Designs Come Alive

You all know that in early January 2014 we released the 5th edition Dress Kit Instruction book.  Two of the new designs offered in this edition were the funnel neck (featured on a jacket) and the high/low hemmed Swing Top.

 I'm always appreciative to see the results of my efforts.  And these are the first (I hope of many) photos that you will send to show off your work.

This first photo shows Gudrun (from Germany) in her funnel neck pull-over variation.  You'll notice she faced the neck and CF opening with a contrasting fabric.  Not only that, she combined the instructions for the empire design line which is one of the designing instructions featured in the designing book Beyond Bodice Basics.

Next, she's whipped up the high/low hemmed swing top, which she sewed from a stretchy jersey.
The sleeve design she chose to finish this top is the Flounce Sleeve from style #1, which is also featured in Beyond Bodice Basics.
Gudrun says it's still winter weather in Germany, but when the temperature is higher she says she will 'pull on the swing', but prior to that she'll be sewing a matching pair of SFD pants with narrow legs.  Needless to say, she thoroughly enjoys fitting, designing and sewing with Sure-Fit Designs.

Thank you so much for sharing your sewing projects with all of us.  You've done an excellent job.

And of course, I invite more of you to send finished garment photos.  Everybody always likes to see what other have designed and accomplished.

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  1. Nice job, Gudrun! I, too, enjoy seeing examples of SFD designs. A funnel neck coat is very high on my list of projects to tackle, and now I see it's also lovely as a tunic top.