Apr 8, 2014

Introducing Sally Silhouette

Going shopping?  Let Sally Silhouette tag along.

Sally is a well-proportioned silhouette illustration.  She's extremely useful when copying fashion designs and garment styles from ready-to-wear, pattern catalogues or magazines.

Just fold her up and tuck a few copies of her in your handbag.  You just never know when you'll see that next exciting design you'd like to copy, design and sew for yourself.

And this is the best part...you don't have to have artistic abilities with Sally as your sketch buddy.  Just sketch the style lines you're seeing in the garment directly on her body frame.  Make any special notes in the space provided.  

If you also happen to have a small, retractable tape measure in your handbag, make sure you measure design details, like strategic seam placements, hem lengths, color combinations or anything else that is unique to that garment.  Remember to check out the back of the garment and jot those details down too.

From this handy sketch, it's easy to replicate the design with your Sure-Fit Designs body blueprint.

Years ago, we used to carry a Sketch-A-Style notepad in the Sure-Fit Designs product line, but now with digital everything, we'd like to offer this to you as a complimentary gift...simply because we very much appreciate each and every one of you as our customer.

Just click through to the Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center Free Stuff.  It's the first item shown.  There are 2 links - one for FULL size Sally, which is great to use at home, and one for PURSE size Sally, which is perfect to tuck in your handbag.

Please take a few minutes to watch this short video introducing you to Sally Silhouette!

(PS - You're welcome to make as many copies of Sally for your own personal use.  But if you want to share 'Sally' on your own sewing sites or blogs, please acknowledge the source by giving a link to Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center Free Stuff)


  1. This is soooo clever ~ definitely will be printing out a few of the handbag versions. Thank-you for sharing this ... J

  2. Thank you so much. I made copies and put them in my pocketbook so that when I am out shopping I can draw out any great designs and details I might see.