Jun 17, 2014

My Goodness...Gudrun's Collection

My goodness, our sewing friend from Germany has been on a binge...a sewing binge!

Gudrun has combined both Dress/Bodice fit and Shirt kit comfort in her selection of tops to wear with her perfect fitting and comfortable Yoga pants.

The latest Asymmetrical T-Shirt design (see Downloadable Fashion Leaflets) is quick and easy to design and sew. For this T-Shirt as well as for the Detachable Collar Overblouse (Sew Sensational Shirts) (see her green blouse above), she combined her Dress Kit bodice by transferring the bust dart down into the waist fitting dart, and then drew the design details from the pattern instructions. So whether you want the more fitted sleeve and underarm from the Dress Kit bodice pattern, or the looser, deeper armscye from the Shirt Kit, you can see these instructions for the Asymmetrical T-Shirt can be versatile and go either way.

Her second version of the Asymmetrical T-Shirt was sewn from a type of silk jersey, which stretched in all directions and was slippery and slithery.
And since 'challenge' was the mother of invention, instead of pleats which simply wouldn't drape well, she traded the pleats for gathers, and replaced the facings with self-binding.  The result? Well...a slightly different look, but she says 'I like it and it already has passed the wearing test'.

Here's my version of the Asymmetrical T-Shirt designed from the Shirt Kit.

Thanks for sharing your projects.  You all like to see what other have accomplished with their SFD patterns, so please send your photos directly to me at info@surefitdesigns.com.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!

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