Jun 24, 2014

UK Connection

An avid SFD seamstress from the UK has been loving, using and sharing her SFD experiences.

Jan's primary focus has been on working with the Shirt Kit master patterns, extending her wardrobe with comfortable T's and casual shirts.  She's teamed these up with her SFD Jeans, which she is extremely pleased with...and you can see why.

Jan sent a number of photos and has given permission to show all of you.  So here we go...

Jan simply did not like the bulk created by the collar with stand (on the left).  She removed it and chose a simple mandarin collar to finish the neck edge.  Doesn't she just have a loveliest of smiles?

And one to go - this comfortable brown & orange striped T-Shirt...

And, let's look at her excellent stitching on the jeans pocket...

Well done Jan!  And thanks so much for sharing your Sure-Fit Designs experiences with your sewing group.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!


  1. Awesome work, Jan! Jeans are high on my project To Do List, I hope mine turn out as well.

  2. Yes, Jan did do a great job of all the garments. I was happy to showcase work.

  3. EXCELLENT job on the jeans. If I was you, I'd whip up several more colors. The fit is perfect! You look great with a tucked-in top!