Jul 1, 2014

Pretty Princess - Part 1

Everybody loves the princess line design line and so they should. This bodice design line (if fitted properly to the position and fullness of your bust) is extremely flattering. The design lines are visually slenderizing because they are vertical.

I've previously discussed princess line designing and there are instructions on page 32 of the Dress Kit Instruction book but still I receive questions on how to incorporate more waistline shaping, how to do the princess line in the back of the bodice and how to draw the princess line that is offset more toward the underarm and that has a little portion of bust fitting dart remaining.

To help you better understand princess lines and how to design them, I've added 4 more instructional videos (completely free).  (P.S. If you haven't been to the SFDLearningCenter in awhile, there are a number of new videos on a variety of topics.)

In this blog, I'll review the two options for princess line placement - either in the shoulder line or going into the armscye. The easiest one to design and sew is the princess line into the shoulder line. The armscye princess seam is only slightly more challenging to sew, but not to design, and that's because you'll have two opposing curves to sew together. And...the larger your bust, and the lower the armscye curvature, the greater the seamline curves will be and hence a little more challenging to sew together.

This blouse features the princess line that is designed up to the shoulder line.

This video shows the basic process of designing a princess line into the shoulder seam.


This video shows the basic process of designing a princess line into the armscye.

Next week I'll show you more in-depth detail on how to shape this princess line through your midriff to your waist level.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!

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