Feb 10, 2015

Reversible Vest - New Fashion Leaflet

In your recent survey responses, so many of you asked for more downloadable Fashion Leaflets.  'Just keep 'em coming' one lady said.

So here's the newest...a Reversible Vest.  And while it's still winter in our northern climates, you might want to use fleece for either the fashion fabric or the lining.  I choose kind of a puffy, textured fashion fabric (fiber content unknown - thank goodness it didn't melt when pressed!) and lined it with fleece.

By way of designing this vest, I used Princess style lines, but show you how to eliminate the side seam by drawing a modified princess line in the back and connecting to the front side panel.  The SFD Dress Kit bodice is the base pattern for this particular design.

It requires a reversible, separating zipper which you should be able to find at your local fabric store, and if not, I'm sure you can get them online (though I didn't need to do that search as my local Jo Ann store had just what I was looking for).

The collar, armholes and hem edge are bound with double-wide fleece binding typically used on quilts and baby blankets.

You can pick up your downloadable copy at www,surefitdesigns.com - Downloadable Leaflets.  It's in a handy PDF format which is easy for you to print out.  Click Here

Happy Designing & Sewing!
Glenda...the Good Stitch!

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