Feb 17, 2015

Skirt Styles to Suit Just You!

In the survey from a couple of weeks ago where I asked what Sure-Fit Designs can do for you to help with your fitting and sewing, a number of ladies asked for information on how to choose the best style of garment for their body shape.

Enter in Inside Out Style and Imogene Lamport.  She does a remarkable job of teaching you what your body shape is and what styles will look best on your frame.  I wouldn't even try to duplicate her expertise when she does such a good job.  I actually introduced Imogene to you a number of months ago, but this is definitely worth repeating, particularly for all our newcomers.

A couple of days ago, her blog post was titled 'The Best Skirt for Your Body Shape'.  I'm going to encourage all of you to take a few minutes to scroll through her blog site...there's more where this came from.

This is an informative blog and as you get into her Body Shapes page, you'll discover all kinds of valuable information on analyzing your body shape and learning what styles look best on it.

She doesn't always talk about specific garment styles for body shapes, but I always find her blogs of value.  If this is a topic of interest to you, her blog is definitely worth following.

Thanks so much, Imogene, for sharing your vast knowledge on this topic.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!


  1. Thanks so much for your kind words Glenda and sharing my blog post - by the way my name is spelled Imogen (no E on the end)!

  2. I read your blog post every day and quite frequently recommend your information on choice of style for body shape to my own readers. So sorry for the mis-spelling of your name.
    Glenda...the Good Stitch

  3. Wow so lovely tips to chose skirts for body shape. I love this post and i wants to buy best designer skirts online for this summer.