Jun 30, 2015

Video Tutorial: Perfecting the Bust Dart Extension Point

Make sure to watch this short video to discover how to 'perfect' the dart extension point. There's a quick little secret showing how easy it is to take your one-dimensional pattern and fold the dart thereby creating a three-dimensional form.

The cut edge of the dart extension point will lay flat when it's sewn.  It will be straight and exactly aligned with the side seam cut edge and it will sew perfectly together with the side seam of the back bodice.  All of this means that you won't be pulling the dart extension to fit in with the back side seam, which ultimately means that you eliminate the possible fold under the dart which can be mistaken for a fitting issue.  I know when you watch the video that my comments will all make sense.

Happy Sewing and Fitting

Glenda...the Good Stitch!

PS - I just learned how to share my YouTube postings directly into this blog after I've uploaded a video to my YouTube channel...how cool is that!


  1. An excellent explanation and video demonstration. Thank you!

  2. Brilliant, Glenda! I had not been doing this, but I surely will now!

  3. It was a fun video to shoot. Glad it's of help to you.
    Glenda...the Good Stitch

  4. I loved this. I had a problems and this makes it wonderfully clearer how to do this spring up the side seam. Thank you.