Sep 1, 2015

SFD is Mobile-Friendly!

Drum roll please!

For your viewing and shopping convenience, Sure-Fit Designs has mobilized.  We've come of age and now have a mobile-friendly website!  What does that mean for you?  For those of you that have smart phones with modern browsers, like iPhones & Android devices, you'll now have easier viewing of the Sure-Fit website offering you educational articles, fitting & sewing videos, fashion & design ideas, as well as shopping capability.

You still use the same web address -  When this address opens up in your smart phone, the address will automatically become (m=mobile).  You don't need to make any changes...we've done it all for you!

See the new design and how to navigate from one page to the other.
Home Page:
This is the HOME page.  To keep it uncluttered, there are only 2 rows of navigation links.  To access more pages simply click on 'More Options', which is the link that has been highlighted in red above.

 Navigation Links:
When you click on 'More Options', this is the panel of navigation links.  Each link is active and will take you to the relevant page.  The most viewed pages have been made 'mobile-friendly'.

 Page Example:
This image shows an example of one of the pages - that being the Dress Kit page.  Most pages now have the data displayed in one long column to fit your phone.  To navigate or move to other pages, click on the '3-lines' icon that is highlighted in the red box in the upper right corner in the image above.

Navigation Links:
Navigation links drop down.  From here, click the forward arrow for your desired page.  See the red box above.  This is simply another way to access the many pages of information provided in the Sure-Fit Designs website.

Smart phones vs. Tablets?
If you're wondering about your tablet, mobile-only websites do not currently display on tablets, like the iPad or Galaxy.  These devices generally have larger viewing screens than most smart phones.  Typically a mobile website on these devices does not improve the user's experience.  When is viewed on a tablet, you will be seeing the original site and content.

It's so easy to keep in touch with Sure-Fit Designs!
Glenda...the Good Stitch!

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