Sep 15, 2015

SFD Shirt Kit Giveaway Contest

Satisfy your curiosity!  Sure-Fit Designs and Glenda the Good Stitch announce a new teacher association with - a leading internet provider of courses and lessons on everything from 'soup to nuts' (of course, sewing & fitting too). is a 'Craftsy-like' site offering over 17,000 lessons on so many topics too numerous to mention.

Glenda's latest Shirt Kit tutorial is the 'Go Everywhere Shirt' and is available exclusively on

Follow the link directly below to join and receive the following:
  • 1 week totally FREE (for as many courses as you choose to watch.  There is no on-going financial obligation unless you decide to purchase a monthly or annual membership).
  • Time to decide if you'd like the membership.
  • Low annual fee to learn anything that Curious offers.
  • You'll receive an automatic 20% off your membership fee which is exclusive for Sure-Fit Designs customers when you click this JOIN link.
  • While in Curious, we invite you to participate in Glenda's new online course - the SFD 'Go Everywhere' Shirt.  This course is available exclusively on  This course includes 10 lessons, participant interaction, resource links, and a downloadable 5-page pattern designing & sewing construction guide.


 Win the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit
Enter the contest below

To celebrate this new association with, we are offering a Giveaway/Contest for the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit (or $35 toward any SFD item if you already have the Shirt Kit).

To enter simply CLICK HERE

I invite you all to participate.
Glenda...the Good Stitch!


  1. Hi Glanda, Could you please tell me if these classes have to be done at a set time or can they be worked as fast or as slow as I choose?

    1. Hi Margaret - Once you've registered for, then you get 1 week totally free (for any classes - not just mine). But if you join Curious and pay either monthly or annually, then you can watch the classes at whatever time suits you and you can repeat the lessons as many times as you want to. It's up to you.