Feb 23, 2016

Cover Stitch Machine Tips, Techniques & General Info

Ever since I produced my first video on how to use a cover stitch machine, I've had countless views on this video AND we've had numerous requests to provide more videos on this topic.  My personal cover stitch machine is a Janome Cover Pro 1000 CPX .  I LOVE IT!  I know it is primarily used just for hemming.  It's a wonderful extravagance.  If you have the financial resources for one and the space for it in your sewing room (your special place), you might want to consider one.  Of course you can sew hems with your regular machine.  I did for years.  But I LOVE IT!

I just had a customer ask me...'What is a Cover Stitch machine?'

Please watch the following videos.   This is a 3-Part series.  Enjoy if you have one!

From hemming options to ripping our boo-boos to using the chain stitch for basting...I'm sure you'll learn just that little bit more to add to your quiver of knowledge.

Happy Cover stitching!


  1. Excellent videos, thank you! I didn't learn any of this when I took the Dealer's class. These tips really add value.

  2. Thank you Glenda - I have a coverstitch and can thread it but that is about all. With winter sewing here in Australia looming I am sure the advice in your videos will help.

  3. Thank you so much for your excellent teaching. I had never thought of the single-needle stitch as a basting stitch. I will definitely try this.