Feb 16, 2016

Skinny Stretch Pants

Not leggings...but simple skinny-legged pants sewn with a 4-way stretch heavy weight Ponte.
These were so super simple that I wanted to share the leg width change with you.

If you're wondering how much I skinny'd (if there is such a word) the legs, on my personal SFD Pants pattern blueprint with a low hip circumference of 36" the actual (master pattern) width of the front of the page leg is 7.5".  So, first of all I sized down 1/4" on each side - that removed 1/2", which left 7".  This removed ease to allow for the horizontal stretch factor of the Ponte.  Then for the front leg pattern hem width, I took it down to a finished width of 5.5".  Yup...that's right, I removed another 1.5" totally, which was 3/4" on each side.

For the back leg, the actual hem width, based on my 36" hip, is 9".  Remove 1/4" on each side for the stretch factor - this leaves you with 8.5".  The the final width of this skinny leg is 7.5".  That means I took off another 1/2" per side (or 1" more).

Even though this was a 4-way stretch fabric, it was too heavy for skin-tight leggings, nor did I want them as tight as leggings.

To help you out, there is also a free video in the Learning Center on how to narrow the leg width of your pants pattern.  You can go to http://www.sfdlearningcenter.com/Video_Library.html and look for Pants video P.6.11 How To Narrow the Pant Leg  
You can also find this on YouTube.  It should pop up here if you're reading this blog in your computer, tablet or smart phone.

To finish the waist edge of the pants, they are pull-on with 2" wide elastic.  Directions are in the bonus section for the Yoga Pants in the pants designing book - Pants that Mix n Multiply.

Have fun...enjoy your pants pattern.

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  1. Thank you Glenda! Your explanation and the picture of your pants helps me to figure how much to narrow my leg.