May 24, 2016

Basic Dress Transformed

I see so many 'basic test dress muslins' that it's a real treat to see a body blueprint transformed into fashion dresses.

One of our SFD sewists (Caroline P. from Santiago Chile) was recently visiting with her mother and sister Lorraine (in South Africa).  She took all of her SFD master patterns and necessary tools with her...and her sister became the recipient of not only a perfect-fitting body blueprint but also many lovely dresses sewn by her mother.

As you look at the dresses, notice that the majority of them are simply the basic dress style (with all the regular darting structure - see SFD illustration below left) but sewn in a variety of fashion fabrics.  What a difference dress fashion fabric makes to the dress.  Sometimes when you're in the testing stage and sewing out of muslin, it's hard to envision a different outcome.  But take a look at these - basic, but beautiful.

This aqua 'lacey' dress was copied from a Pinterest find...the pink lace dress below.

Sleeveless and perfect for summer.

This lovely woman is decked out for many dress occasions to come!  Thanks to C.P. for the body blueprint, to mom the seamstress, and to sister for the modeling and sharing the results.

And...Happy Stitching to all of you!
Glenda...the Good Stitch.


  1. What beautiful dresses and what a beautiful model! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  2. These dresses are drop-dead GORGEOUS! I'm so impressed :-) My two favorites are the black bodiced floral print and the last one in the sage green and coral print. Simply beautiful!

    1. I agree with you...they are gorgeous - thanks for the comment.