Jun 28, 2016

Remember Lorraine's Dresses?

In a previous blog, I showed you a number of 'basic' dresses that were sewn for Lorraine.  Remember these?

 On a recent trip to Portland, while window shopping, this dress looked so much like Lorraine's, I wondered if they were 'twin sisters'.
The color is almost identical, it is sewn from a lacey fabric, and it's just a basic dress.  Here's a close-up of the dart structure.

And on the other mannequin, there was a white lace dress.
The price tag for the aqua marine lace dress - $168.00....just checking...you know!  Needless to say the 'fit' with Sure-Fit Designs is far superior and the 'fee' far less.

If you happened to miss the blog showing all of Lorraine's dress - click here.

Happy Copying!


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  2. That dress in the shop window is lovely! Thanks for the inspiration...

  3. The dresses are really pretty,good job!

  4. Lorraine's dresses are more serene and elegant. Beautifully fitted. I stared at them when you first sent their pictures, and I stare at them again today. :-)