Oct 18, 2016

The Waterfall Jacket - new Fashion Leaflet

Sure-Fit Designs Blog

You'll love this new downloadable Fashion Leaflet.  All the details and drawing instructions for the Waterfall Jacket are now available.

You'll want to consider using a nice, stretchy knit that drapes well.  The waterfall cascading effect is best shown in fabric that hangs and creates soft folds.
You'll notice in this top photo that I've combined it with a tank top of coordinating fabric.  In next weeks blog you'll see underneath the jacket at the interesting tank top details and how I utilized and laid out this very interesting novelty knit fabric.

Here's is a front view.  I loved the wrong side of the fabric as much as the right side.  You'll see the wrong side is dominantly black with pink dots.  My black tank top, sewn with Slinky, works perfectly underneath in contrast to the self-fabric tank top in the first photo.

In the line drawing above, you'll see you have a choice of a longer waterfall extension versus a shorter waterfall extension.  Those options will of course, be explained in the downloadable leaflet.

The back is pretty plain and simple as this prototype is showing:

 The above photo is a close-up view of the waterfall shorter extension.

For this design, I used the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit which so many of you already own.  This is simply another great fashion idea of how to design with your body blueprint.  For this jacket, I transferred the bust dart up to the shoulder line...and it fits beautifully...but you could leave it in its basic side seam position or move it to the lower side seam if you want.

To purchase this Waterfall Jacket Fashion Leaflet - simply CLICK HERE.  Price...just #3.99.

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  1. This is really neat! I even like your prototype. How cozy it looks in that prototype and how beautiful and stylish it looks as a finished garnet with the fringe. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for your input and comments. I love wearing this jacket.