Nov 15, 2016

Highlighter Tape & Marking Patterns

Another little tip was passed on to me by one of our SFD customers (Michele).  She found this great Higlighter Tape at the likes of a Walmart.  Hers looks like this.

It comes on a regular tape dispenser and she found it in pink, green and yellow.  It's great for:
  • Marking right and wrong sides of fabric.
  • It's easy to write on the top of the tape with a regular pen, where markers could smear unless the writing is totally dry.
  • You can tape over notes or identifying marks on your tracing vellum patterns.
  • Because of the colors, it stands out, is transparent and easy to read.
  • And, is easily removable without leaving a sticky residue.

Now, when I went to buy mine, I couldn't find this product so I ended up with a Bic variety which looks like this.
 I used it for highlighting pattern information on a recent shirt pattern.

The package says its easily erasable (rather than lifting off).  So I gave that a try and sure enough it erases like a charm and because the tracing vellum is so durable it withstood the erasing process.

One or the other should work well for you if you're looking for a colorful way to help identify your pattern pieces once you've drawn them.

Thanks for the suggestion Michele - great tip!

Happy Drafting!

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