Nov 1, 2016

Holiday Happy Top - SFD Sew Along

 Sure-Fit Designs Blog

Many of you have asked for our SFD videos/DVD courses and lessons to be made available on an easy-to-access platform where once your purchase is made, you'd be able to access the information forever.  Thanks to the assistance of an SFD customer who pointed me in the right direction, I'm now testing out CourseCraft software (similar to Craftsy) where I can upload videos, lessons in the form of text, photos, downloadable files and a platform that you can interact with me during the lessons.

My first project using this platform is a Sew Along for this fun blouse sewn from your Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit and I call it the Holiday Happy Top.  I've been madly working on the project, photographing the steps (sorry no video with this particular project - the camera man is still recovering), writing directions, learning new software all in time for you to design and sew this top before your holiday festivities begin.

You need to begin with your personal bodice blueprint from the SFD Dress Kit.  Then the sew along lessons will give you detailed descriptions of how to change the basic pattern to include a Dolman sleeve, which is finished with an 'angel wing' and you'll see an interesting way to include your bust dart where the contrasting fabrics are sewn together.

You need 2 contrasting/coordinating fabrics.  The black sparkly knit is decked out with tiny sequins and even though it is a knit fabric, I coordinated a drapable woven poly in the solid black as the contrasting fabric.

Join the Sew Along.  Design and sew your new top before holiday festivities begin.  Sew at your own speed.  Progress with the lessons as your time permits.  Course access is forever.  Join now and save 10% by using Promo Code HHT10 during checkout.  To read more about the Holiday Happy Top course, Click Here to read the FAQ's.

I'd love to have you join us.


  1. I won't be joining you for this particular one, but I really hope you will continue this in the future. Good luck with it and congrats for all the hard work I know you are doing in learning the software, designing, sewing and photographing for this course. I really want to join one of these in the future. I just can't manage it this time.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. We'll see you in the future.