Dec 6, 2016

Go Everywhere Shirt now available for a Lifetime!

The Go Everywhere Shirt by Sure-Fit Designs is now totally available as a one-time purchase and your enrollment will last you a lifetime!

You may remember, this Go Everywhere Shirt Sew Along was previously on the platform, but now I have made it totally available for you on an all new software platform where once you've enrolled and purchased your course, it is yours for a lifetime.

The Go Everywhere Shirt is drawn and designed from your Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit, which means it's casual, comfortable and simple to sew.  This sew along offers both video lessons as well as a downloadable instruction guide sheet.

And you'll find it on our new website platform I'll tell you more about next week.  To access the Go Everywhere Shirt and to see samples of the video lessons, please click here -

You'll see measuring, drawing, designing and sewing it all together in the Sure-Fit Designs Sew Along.  I sincerely hope you all enjoy it.

Happy Fitting & Sewing!

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