Dec 27, 2016

Unique Sewing/Craft Table

Recently I was in Fabric Depot in Portland OR and came across this unique craft/sewing/cutting table.

It looks like it's modeled on a 'saw horse' frame.  The top ledge of the saw horse had 2 horizontal and parallel pieces of wood with a large bolt holding them together.

You can see that in between these 2 horizontal pieces there is a gap and sandwiched in this gap are 4 vertical pieces that hold the top in place.  These vertical pieces have holes drilled through allowing a wooden pin to go through which will automatically adjust the height of the table top depending on which hole you choose to put the pin through.

If you happen to like woodworking (along with your sewing) or if you happen to have a 'handy husband' who enjoys woodworking, this is something that you might want to give a try.

Neither Wes (my husband) or I are skilled in woodworking, but I thought this was an interesting design that you might like to see.

Always thinking of you...


  1. That looks like two Ikea Finnvard trestle with a top on it - the trestles are $40 each at Ikea comes in birch and white

    1. Yes, someone else commented that this (or something very similar to this table) did come from Ikea.