Feb 28, 2017

How to Divide your Crotch Measurement for Front and Back Lengths

Let's just call this a Vlog - a blog in video format.  We have been re-doing some of our very original instructional videos on working with the Sure-Fit Designs pants pattern.  This particular video shows the easy process of  taking your total crotch length/your straddle measurement and dividing it so that you end up with a back crotch length that is longer than your front crotch length...which is exactly the way it should be.  I do know some of you have excessively long back crotch lengths in relationship to shorter front crotch lengths, but that's the topic of another video.  I hope you enjoy this.  You'll no doubt need to go into a web browser to watch this because you likely won't be able to see the video while reading this in your emails.  Go to this page - http://www.sfdlearningcenter.com/Pants-Videos-General_Info_Measuring.html and look for video - P.3 Crotch Length - How to create your Front & Back Crotch Lengths for your Pants pattern.  And while you're there, check out some of the other videos that might be relevant to your pants fit.

Glenda the Good Stitch

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