Mar 7, 2017

Sewing for Toddler's, Children & Teens with Sure-Fit Designs

We're generally so busy producing videos for you ladies that we seldom find time for the children.  But finally, this latest video finishes off the video series on the discounted Combos offered by Sure-Fit Designs.
If you sew for your children or grand children, you'll save when you purchase the Children's Kit Combo.  Remember you can sew for both boys and girls and toddlers through teens, when the child matures and grows into the adult patterns.  There's a cross over in size/measurement range between the Children's Kit and the adult pattern Kits so that we can accommodate the best shaping possible for the youngster.

You'll love the variety of different styles you can sew for both boys and girls.  It's kind of like taking the children's section of a pattern catalog and wrapping all the designs into one big package called the Children's Kit.
Now there's a savings combo dedicated just to sewing for children.  It's called the Children's Kit Combo and consists of the following:
  • Children's Kit
  • The Introductory How-To DVD
  • 1x10yd roll of tracing vellum
  • And the essential drawing tool, the Designing Stylus.

Just click on the video link below to see a brief re-cap of all the elements in the Combo.

Have fun sewing for your kids.
To purchase, please click here -
Here's a sneak peak at so many of the different styles you can sew.

Glenda...the Good Stitch!


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